Full disclosure: I love a good cape. If only we could always walk around making entrances and exits with capes, I feel like we might all be more creative. That said, I hate that this red cape, customed by Donatella Versace for Nicki Minaj, may have been inspired by a really sh-tty movie starring Amanda Seyfried. That takes away some of the appeal for me. As does her Vatican escort.

We all wanted the camera to cut away to Lady Gaga’s face during Minaj’s performance, right?

I know I wrote earlier that Gaga doesn’t throw down with other artists but I am curious how she interpreted Minaj’s version of, errm, high concept performance art: what if Nicki Minaj...exorcised herself? I dunno, I don’t have the imaginative profundity to fully appreciate the Grammy answer to that question. Maybe James Franco?

Interestingly enough, Minaj’s number was choreographed by Laurieann Gibson who parted ways with Lady Gaga a few months ago. There was some suggestion that the split was not amicable. Then there were those who doubted that Gaga could do it without Gibson. Gibson, after all, oversaw everything re: Gaga, right up to the egg. Gibson was supposedly uncomfortable with the sexual imagery in Judas. I don’t know that last night’s Minaj was any less... controversial. And I’m not entirely sure, given what we saw as a result of her collaboration with Minaj, that it’s any more original.

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