Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t.

It’s the running theme of this blog. It’s the founding principle of Gossip. Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t, in all its various permutations. And we have several of them happening concurrently here:

- Mega Ego Attention Whore vs Mega Ego Attention Whore

- Veteran vs New Jack

- (Fake) High Class vs Hustler


If you haven’t already, please enjoy this beautiful thing -- Nicki Minaj losing it on Mimi yesterday during Idol auditions:

How many times have you watched this? If it’s only once it’s not enough. Go back and click play all over again and this time, just focus on Keith Urban hating his life. Then watch it a third time and let your ears find Mimi’s voice. Because it’s there. And at one point, my favourite, favourite, favourite point, she starts moaning...


Like Nancy Kerrigan!

This is going to make me happy for weeks.

As for whether or not it’s legit -- I hear you, because so much is so fake in Hollywood, it’s almost the default assumption these days that any given situation must be staged. Three things though:

- Idol producers had to call off yesterday’s auditions which means MONEY. Set-ups only work if they happen for free. Production delays are never, ever free.

- In Mimi’s mind, how does this help her? I know how it helps her in MY mind, because Mimi throwing down is the only television I want to see, but in HER mind, you think she wants to come out like a hair pulling cunt who gets screeched at by a cartoon-dressing interloper disrespecting her legend? I can’t see it.

And finally, most importantly...

If you know your girl sh-t, if you’ve seen some girl sh-t go down in your time, does this smell like fake girl sh-t to you? I was raised on girl sh-t. Like pure Hong Kong styles girl sh-t around a mah-jong table. And if this is a fraud, it’s some real high end counterfeit, like better than any imitation LV bag you can find in Shenzhen.