Just in case you weren’t sure, although I can’t imagine why, when Mariah Carey’s American Idol debuts in January, it’s getting a lot of play here on this blog. We might even liveblog. I look forward to it more than I’m looking forward to Christmas, no lies. And now, perhaps even more.

US Weekly is reporting that Nicki Minaj is negotiating for Steven Tyler’s vacated judge spot.

Mimi and Minaj on a panel together?


Did they even consult with Mimi? Never mind the actual show, how will they even get through the seating arrangement process? Does Mimi seem to you like she plays well with girls? Girls who are younger than she is? And mouthy ones who like to stunt as much as the Minaj? How will anything be on time? How will they stick to the schedule? How will they keep those fake nails from becoming weapons? Will Randy Jackson be their interpreter? Because at some point, Mimi and Minaj, they will stop communicating with each other. And someone will have to relay the messages. I would give it all up to have that job.