Covered the carpet on Saturday night for eTalk at the Walk of Fame. For all you Nickelback fans out there, the boys surprised everyone and showed up in Armani tuxes, significant others on their arms, very respectable and respectFUL. Was nice to see rock superstars getting excited about meeting legends from other industries.

Most inductees came straight to the eTalk lounge immediately after being presented. Nickelback wanted to stay seated for the entire show so as to not miss a moment of the gala and the other people being honoured. I have to tell you – it was charming. When they did make it to the lounge, it was super low key. Not surrounded by an army of publicists, totally chill vibe, happy to mingle with the minions and George Stroumboloupoulos too, who was the hotness, as always.

Also adorably giddy: Catherine O’Hara and her sister, moved to tears over the pomp so uncharacteristic for Canadians. And in spite of myself, I have to tell you, being a closet WWE fan – I was kinda stoked to meet Trish Stratus who is tiny in person with tits that are surprisingly inoffensive with a lovely “natural” sag … very UNPam.

Again, much love and admiration to Joyce Ma at Sweet Chemise for my Courtesan – the dress that fit like a dream.

But most of all – dear Stan, my Staniel, a macho man producer, pictured here, who had to put up with a novice and did so with aplomb. A bit of a crush now actually…

Check out eTalk tonight for exclusive lounge interviews with Nickelback, Catherine O’Hara, George Stroumboloupoulos, and all other Canada’s Walk of Fame inductees.

More shameless self promotion ahead…but this time with a leather giveaway. Stay tuned!