As longtime readers of this column are aware, I was the first to report on Gwyneth"s second pregnancy - way back on September 14th - a full 2 weeks before the rest of the smutting public caught up. Two months after that, I was also the first to report that she was having a boy. On November 30th to be exact, which is a full 8 weeks before any of the rags and the weekly glossies got ahold of it. Just to further drive the point home and assure the newer visitors to this site of how this sh*t works - I send an email newsletter with full text of my column every time my site is updated. Which means that thousands of people received an email from me on September 14th AND November 30th with the exclusive information I just referenced. You know what that"s called? It"s called a date stamp and it"s proof positive. So you know what happened this weekend? Well, according to Perez Hilton, who was the first to break the announcement , Gwyneth had a baby boy. Cue dramatic pause… …. Now, I know it"s bad form to brag and I certainly know it ain"t the most gracious or ladylike thing to do, but I am nothing if not a credit whore. And let"s face it, in the bitch eat bitch world of smut, getting it first and getting it right is what pays the bills. Thanks for your understanding and your overwhelming support of this column. It means a lot. Anyway, back to my best friend. Apparently, it was a scheduled c-section, not what she wanted to begin with, but given her gazillion hour birth the first time around, doctors urged the "too posh to push" approach for her second. Although offiicial word has yet to come down, I"m not about to question Prince Perez on this one. Kudos to him for scooping the arrival and I"ll content myself with telling you a LONG time ago about the sex. Celebration all around, especially for my best friend. Love you Gwynnie. Call me soon!