From Dave S: on Reba

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 23, 2006 12:00:00 January 23, 2006 12:00:00
I completely agree with you on Mariah"s boobs. I thought for sure that the dress she wore to the American Music Awards would put all of the rumors to rest, but I guess I was wrong. However, I do have one point to address with you: You said that anyone on a WB show would be considered B-list. I would beg to differ, only on Reba McEntire. Not only has she sold over 50 million albums in the United States alone, won numerous Grammys, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards, People"s Choice Awards, etc., but she was also nominated at the Golden Globes two years ago for her work on "Reba." I"m not saying that she"s a perfect actress or anything, but I think that she"s at least proven that she can be successful at both singing and acting. I also suspect that if it weren"t for the mega-success of Desperate Housewives and its actors, that she would"ve at least been nominated more than the one time at the Golden Globes. What are your thoughts? Dear Dave, I think Reba is very well accomplished and I certainly think that she has achieved more than most people who are actually ON the A list these days could ever hope for. But the sad reality is she"s an older lady who is not what you would consider "mainstream popular". It kills me to say this but imagine if she and Paris Hilton showed up on a carpet. Who do you think would cause a bigger sensation? It would be Paris. Because as lovely as Reba is, you can"t sell a magazine with her on the cover. Which is the sorry state of affairs in Hollywood these days.

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