Bloated, tacky, overmade, overbleached - this is NOT Tara Reid. No, gossips. This is the heiress called Nickly Hilton. Now can you think of a more humiliating insult??? I realise there are different standards for Vegas but I"m not so sure this is Vegas as much as it is some 2nd rate peeler bar in the middle of Hickville, Nowheretown USA. And for someone like Nicky, isn"t that the worst insult ever in, like, the entire history of money??? Raised in NYC, with Prada in her blood and Gucci up her ass, Nicky Hilton would probably commit suicide if she ever had to buy and wear something from Kmart. Which is what makes this appearance so tragically delicious. All that high end packaging only to end up looking like Kellie Pickler from America Idol - seen here at her prom. And that odd little troll she"s been dating doesn"t exactly improve the visual landscape either. So remind me again - why do they call Nicky the more stylish sister???