So I have it hard up for Ian McKellen. Would do anything to be his hag. My secret web browsing habit? Aside from visiting Mugglenet every day and joining Dumbledore"s Army?

About once a week I hit up Sir Ian’s personal website. Tons of photos, he loves photos...he kills me. Can’t get enough.

Anyway, in addition to Wolverine, there’s going to be another X-Men prequel, this one focusing on the rise of Magneto. But because the film will chronicle how Magneto discovered his special powers in his youth, Sir Ian’s involvement in the picture will be minimal at best.


Like some 20 year old punk will be able to capture his trademark flair? Impossible.

Click here to check out his site. Browse around the gallery, enjoy the photos from The Last Stand – Sir Ian in his tight shirt eyef*cking the camera…love, love, love.