If she saw you, if she saw you like this? Leg hitched up in the most compromising of positions – Nicky Hilton with her boyfriend last week at a club.

So slovenly. So exposed. So…


Base is what it is. To me there is nothing that screams cheap louder than public straddling standing up. To me there is nothing dirtier, even if she’d been photographed on a bed with her ankles pinned behind her ears, to me this is about as dirty as it gets.

The graceless leg, the unpointed toe, the hungry way her head is bent to kiss him – there is something so seriously disturbing about this image, like the ultimate in Self Devaluation: two girls from the most privileged of families, who had all the resources to be as far removed from degradation as possible…

And THIS is what the Hiltons produced.

Well done.