Yesterday during the live blog – click here if you missed it – we talked about why Nicolas Cage dropped out of Trespass with Nicole Kidman, buggering off on holiday and leaving an entire production in disarray. However I noted at the time that:

“There's also a sense that he might just be on his period and he'll eventually come back to it. Freak.”

And indeed it appears that Nic has temporarily put his crazy away. Deadline reports that he’s recommitted himself to the project and will start shooting this month, playing Nicole Kidman’s husband about a kidnapped couple after previously lobbying for the part of the villain. F-cking drama queen.

Apparently he was tired after promoting Sorcerer’s Apprentice and working back to back to back because he’s broke ass. Perhaps the few days in the Bahamas and Paris revived him. Or perhaps he remembered that he needs the money, either way, production will begin two weeks after the original start date and now the studio is putting down the panic fans although if I’m on this set, and Nic’s already nuts, up against Granny Freeze’s frozen quirks, after an already inauspicious start, I’d be bracing for some serious stress.

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