Nicolas Cage is currently in Romania shooting, ugh, Ghost Rider 2. On the weekend he hit up a club, then was seen outside in a massive screaming match with a friend before storming off. You know in university when dudes get a little too juiced on a Saturday night and the bouncers throw them out and they end up spit-yelling at each other on the street while their girlfriends cry in the corner?

I thought we were brothers, man!

Bros for life, man. What happened to bros for life, man!?! (lots of finger pointing in the face, followed by girlfriend trying to come over to pull them apart) Brianna, let go of me Brianna. Don’t f-cking touch me! (Brianna’s friends come over and hold her as she slumps down on the ground, inconsolable, even though she had nothing to do with the fight.)


I lived for these scenes every weekend.

Anyway, this is the Hollywood grown up version of that. The big movie star gets a long, drunken silly soliloquy while everyone around hopes he still remembers to pay them the next morning. Also, note the theatricality of this line:

“I’ll die in the name of honour!”

I love this so much.

In other Cage news, on the heels of Wesley Snipes being sent to prison, TMZ reports that Nic has paid off $360K of the $14 MILLION that he owes the government for back taxes. He’ll be making Ghost Riders for a LONG time.

Thanks Claudia!

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