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Written by Sarah

Lainey likes ’em young, but I usually don’t. I like my men just that way—men, not boys. Give me big and strapping dudes on motorcycles or running with their dogs, not pale and willowy elves frolicking through the park with their hair swept forward. (And Lainey, I don’t care how tight his abs get, Zac Efron = King of the Elves.) There is an exception to my Men Only, Please rule and his name is Nicholas Hoult.

You may not recognize him right away—he’s changed a lot in eight years—but Hoult was the awkward and sweet “Marcus” in About a Boy. Since that movie, he has worked steadily in TV and film, most notably on the BBC’s Skins and in small films like A Single Man, though he is lately moving into bigger productions like Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.

No longer a darling little dumpling, Hoult is my favorite of the elf set. Here is Hoult at Wimbledon yesterday, photographed alone but allegedly attending with the pretty brunette also photographed, albeit separately. Look at him. He’s so, so pretty. Like he bathes in milk or something. And he’s tall! Hard to tell from these photos, but he’s well over six feet tall. And those eyes—those eyebrows! He’s a handsome young man, sure, but don’t you think, with those features, that Hoult could be interesting, too? It’s one thing to be pretty when you’re young, but how does it age?

This is Nicolas Hoult at 21, and I have a feeling that Nicholas Hoult at 31 will be even better. It’s the bone structure perhaps, suggesting he’ll age well, and those eyes and weird brows, lending some character to his face and saving him from being yet another blandly attractive young Brit.

Written by Sarah
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