In the sweet name of things that still move… give us courage to look upon the face of Granny Freeze on the cover of Parade Magazine. It is the future. And the future is frozen.

How can she cry when she probably botoxed her tear ducts too?

Anyway, it’s now the beginning of the Australia onslaught. Gran and Baz need this movie. They say it’ll be a contender. So in the coming weeks Nicole Kidman’s paralysed forehead will become your best friend.

As part of the promotional blitz, Nicole agreed to “share” her diary with Hello Magazine. Because this is what a diary is for. Every diary should be publicised, obviously.

In fairness to the Freeze, she does manage to yield a few candid moments… perhaps unwittingly. I don’t’ mind how she writes. It’s a little airy fairy, but in the wake of John Mayer’s douche manifesto yesterday, Gran’s words are an exponential improvement.

A couple of interesting excerpts including, of course, the need to tell us that Keith Urban loves her SO much. Or at least he’s trying to.

Keith’s here, feet up, on the computer. He says hi. We had a conversation today, grappling with the state of yearning and existing in a place of happiness, but with desires to keep growing. He has a lovely phrase: ‘Learning to want what you have’.

Is that HIS philosophy? The acceptance of a fate that isn’t quite ideal… to quote her own Oscar-winning line from The Hours:

It’s what you can bear.

This is what he must bear.

Nicole writes on:

Keith gives me huge strength today. It is good. I need it. A lot of my insecurities are attached to the thought that I am loved only for what I’ve achieved, so when I believe and know that he loves me no matter what I do or where I go or what I achieve or what I don’t achieve, it’s such an extraordinary thing to accept.

Can you see it? I can see it? But is she living it? Is she living her own words?

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