Thank you, Nicole Kidman. After Emma Watson’s rather underwhelming Cannes carpet appearance last night, Thursday at the festival was rather lacking in dress porn. But Gran came through in the evening at the IFP and Calvin Klein party in black leather that looks like it’s stripped along the side. From some angles it looks like pleats. From others it’s like patchwork panels. It’s a great choice for the occasion. And I like that she went with a close-toe shoe to complete the look. 

As you know, Nicole has been on the Croisette on her own since Keith Urban only wrapped on Idol last night. He is expected to join her as soon as possible. Weinstein is supposedly screening some footage from Grace Of Monaco. Remember, this could be an opportunity for some early campaigning.

Also at this event -- Carey Mulligan in her usual, but for a great pair of heels, and specifically the heel. Rooney Mara too who is not wearing black and she’s not wearing white, but they’re calling it a neutral. Which...does that mean she resists colour?