Both Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain will present at the Oscars. Chastain, as you know, is also nominated for Best Actress, up against Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva. Both Kidman and Chastain were out this weekend.

Here’s Chastain at the Writers Guild Awards in pale Dior which... wasn’t the best choice. I like the idea of a two-piece. In the right material. This is not the right material. Look at those folds. How is this polished, or even flattering? Really, really hope for something more on Sunday. Really, really want it to be spectacular.

As for Kidman -- she was in L’Wren Scott, one of her go-tos, in London at the premiere of Stoker. No doubt, we’ll be fighting over the gold choker situation. On her, and maybe only her, for me it works. It’s regal. And with Nicole, it’s never boring. It probably won’t be boring at the Oscars either. Just...stay away from the last minute needles and the flat iron.

Stoker received very strong reviews coming out of Sundance.  Apparently, as always, Mia Wasikowski is extraordinary. Stoker opens on March 1. The trailer is below. Is that what the casting directors are looking for now? Botox is ok if she’s playing the evil mother.