Maybe not Granny Freeze, she probably loves the fakery, but the other three for sure, for sure they deserve better. This is the cover of the November issue of Vogue.

F-cking HORRID.

You would think they were shot at different times and spliced together. Actually no. They were all present at the shoot, they did indeed pose in a group, and somehow Anna Wintour ended up with this mess. Like American Vogue can’t afford an image editor who knows what the f-ck she’s doing.

I’ve participated in group photo shoots before. It’s difficult to end up with an image in which all four subjects – in our case 7 – look great. Inevitably some trickery is involved. You take the head from one frame and put it onto the body in the next, move an arm here and there, It’s tedious but it IS possible. It is possible to make it appear as though these images were taken on the same day, at the same place, with the same women standing next to each other. And it should be possible with Vogue. This is an embarrassment.

Hopefully much more attention to detail with the inside pages.