So for the 3rd time this year, Nicole Kidman is supposedly pregnant. And while I don"t know for sure since I haven"t been invited to examine her womb lately, my Nashville spies are skeptical about the latest reports. In fact, as they see it, behind closed doors, things are decidely chilly between the now "officially" engaged couple. Word is, Keith was pissed to all hell that she confirmed their status to People Magazine. Apparently, she didn"t clear it with him first. Especially alarming because he is hearing from his management that his fans - ie. The people who"ve given him his career - are starting to defect, increasingly unhappy about his Hollywood romance. Aware of the effect this is having on his fanbase and never really all that committed to Freeze Face to begin with, Keith has been pretty difficult to deal with over the last 2 weeks. So much so that he still hasn"t been able to lay down any decent tracks in the studio. Thank Goddess for distractions, right? And he supposedly has them in spades, in liquid form, and with curves and a great smile too. A brief respite, if you will. Because by all accounts, Nicole is hellbent on making the June wedding an absolute certainty which really would be a veritable prison sentence for Poor Keith.