A largely forgotten fact – it was Nicole who was originally slated to play opposite Brad Pitt in Mr & Mrs Smith. She dropped out, Angie stepped, Smut Supernova…the Gossip Couple of our Time. As such, we owe Ms Kidman some gratitude. And perhaps sympathy too? Now that her famewhore agenda has been exposed, now that we understand the lengths she’s willing to travel for a piece of publicity pie, for sympathy, for attention…no doubt she must be wistfully regarding the Family Pitt and their explosive union with more than a little regret. Not that it COULD have been her, per se, but she’s probably vain enough to think it, non? Still…let’s not be unkind to Kidman today. Not when she was so kind to have given us the Pitts. So here’s Nicole, narrator of God Grew Tired of Us, also at the premiere last night looking lovely – lovely soft waves, fantastic dress as usual, and maybe just a little grey at the roots which is actually rather becoming. By the way – her and Brad side by side – that iteration of MMS would NEVER have worked. Brother and sister, don’t you think? Oh and PS. Her sister IS pregnant. She, on the other hand, is not. Source