Cannes 2013. A year ago, you remember? Nicole Kidman was on the jury. And it was fashion porn, night after night. On the best night?

A strapless gown with blue lips.

L’Wren Scott.

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So she’s back. In blue. For Grace of Monaco, this time in Armani. A dress that’s perfectly chosen for the occasion. You GO BIG for Cannes, always. And I guess that kind of applies to whatever’s happening on her face. Um, have you noticed the left eye? In the pictures, you can see the frozen droop. It’s on video though that it’s most obvious.

My friend O sent it over earlier. Start at around 1:20 and watch. Nothing moves but her lips. I find myself trying to lift her eyelid for her by moving my own eyes around while this is playing. It becomes a compulsion. You can’t believe. You cannot believe that it’s completely immobilised. Fascinating.