Remember gossips... It is the summer of Pro-Love. And despite the Botox, her farce of a wedding, and her bigger farce of a contract, the things I used to love in Nicole are still there – even if it is too frightening to look at her dead on anymore. Nicole knows how to be famous. Nicole knows how to act famous and Nicole knows how to dress famous. It’s a subtle art, it’s probably a dying art, but for all the two bit thespians running around Hollywood these days, it’s refreshing that Ms Kidman still defends the ways of old Hollywood glam – when dressing up for a meeting was not just a whim, it was actually an expectation. Take a look at Nicole, every inch pressed and perfected and professional the other day, a true movie star in every respect. Nicole Kidman IS the gold standard. And you have to wonder, is our current crop capable of yielding an heir who can carry on this tradition? Will this kind of generational glamour die with the Kidmans and the Blanchetts? Or is Scarlett good enough to rise?