I’m sorry…been a little slow on the draw today – still haven’t slept, still wrapping up today’s show for eTalk, and have just been assigned to one more day in LA. Perhaps I’ll run into Orly again at the crack of dawn in the Roosevelt lobby? Anyway, a thousand apologies for the delay in finishing up the Fashion Review, particularly to Susan in Washington who wrote to express how disappointed she was that I haven’t been able to get to it. Please forgive. As for Daniel Craig – many of you have written to ask about what he’s like in person. Well…in person he’s reassuringly tall. And it’s always a quality I mention first because you get to expecting that celebrities are always smaller than you think they are – men in particular. Not only in stature but in width. Remember that 10 pound rule? The camera adds 10 pounds? Well it applies to boys as well as girls and so oftentimes it’s shocking how manorexic some of these stars really are…but for Daniel. Daniel is every inch the hunk. Muscular under his tux, there’s nothing lanky about his body, but he’s also not stout, not in a beefcake way. And he doesn’t give the impression that all he’s capable of is grunting and the word “cool”. He looks, in fact, rather enigmatic. I wasn’t quite sure if he was having a good time, although he seemed to be clutching on to his girl rather tightly, which reminds me of that little piece of gossip I heard a while back just around the time of the Casino Royale release about him not being able to handle stress well, using a fake name and only answering to that fake name, clearly rattled by the Bond hype. But if that really was the case, he was holdin’ it together pretty chill…though that could also be explained by his proximity to Nicole Kidman’s Freeze Face – more on that soon.