Seriously… put a white person in front of any Hello Kitty and it will lose its Hello Kitty backpack. If that white person is relatively famous, the Hello Kitty just might die on the spot.

So can you imagine the hysteria in Japan today at the premiere of The Golden Compass?

Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman dressed in virginal white, because she’s guileless and kind, going to great lengths to prove to you that she is indeed pregnant by her employee husband Keith Urban. OK, Freeze… we believe you!

But you might want to take it easy on whatever it is you’re doing with your face. And your lips! That sh*t can f&ck a fetus up! And what if it comes out in June looking like Tori Spelling? Or worse yet… the mangled stroke-faced Tara Reid? You never know.

Freeze is next headed to LA where she is presenting at the Oscars. Needless to say, she’ll probably load herself up with some extra ethics to get that bump looking extra plump on the red carpet, just to make sure we all get the picture: you can indeed be frozen AND fertile!

PS. Not sure why she’s parting the doily sea with that dress… pregnancy is clearly stripping her of her style.

Photos from Celebutopia