This ridiculous drama is changing by the day. As I reported on eTalk tonight - click here to watch the clip - Plan B is now being considered, as a result of heightened interest and also because of Katie"s due date and custody issues. I"m hearing that Nic and Keith are thinking about moving up the wedding to the first week in March at his Nashville home. At press time they are undecided and considering that they reportedly did not even spend Valentine"s Day together, signs of strain are starting to show even more. And while she"s away, your country boy with the best highlights next to Jennifer Aniston is gettin" down and good behind her back. However, they are scheduled to reunite on the 24th of February at his show and a final decision should be in place by then. I"ll keep you posted. Also - a correction on the Urban chronology, since I really didn"t give a sh*t about his poof ass before Nicole blessed him with her attention. Keith and Niki Taylor split in summer 2004 - after the alleged tour bus antics drove her to leave him. He took up with another poor unsuspecting girl immediately after and word is he was still seeing her when he started this joke with Kidman, 2 timing both of them until his civilian victim came to her senses and escaped him for good. Real stand up guy, don"t you think???