No one in Nashville has seen her and even though her new image will likely be again the poor victim, Defamer is reporting that Extra has have video footage of Nicole Kidman going to a movie with a girlfriend at the Arclight on Sunday...just 2 days after Keith Urban publicly confirmed that he is seeking treatment for addiction. There is also some debate when exactly it was that he entered rehab. Originally the announcement indicated Thursday but I’m hearing that he was allegedly home as of Friday morning and again, she has not yet been sighted in Nashville – everyone is buzzing. There is also a new rumour floating around town that she is interviewing nannies. Given that there is little chance that she is pregnant, could they be the next to adopt? Yet another attempt at deflection? Yet another sympathy angle for La Freeze? Heads up gossips. There is a new Aniston in town. Frozen Heart Match Frozen Face – said in a Chinese accent.