Hugh Jackman: A new candidate for SMA

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2006 12:00:00 November 6, 2006 12:00:00
And a new candidate has emerged. Click here for People’s latest video leading up to the unveiling on November 17. While all the previously listed frontrunners are also included, Hugh’s image is the last to appear, leading many to believe that McDreamy’s rash of bad press has resulted in a set of new odds with Jackman leading the way. And if so, even though I’m sticking with my Matt Damon prediction, I do think it’s a worthy choice. Hugh Jackman is, by all accounts, a fantastic person, a compelling actor, a devoted husband, supposedly not a homo (though his Peter Allen was uncomfortably convincing, non?), and absolutely sexy as all hell. Still…we’d be remiss if we didn’t handicap his odds, just like we did the others. For a refresher on what this is all about, check back here in the archives and weigh in. Arguments for: 1. The Prestige has done well at the box office. X3 also made a killing. Money always talks. 2. No scandal. Didn’t cheat, didn’t do drugs, wife doesn’t intimidate the MiniVan Majority – what’s not to love? 3. He sings and dances. The MiniVan Majority LOVES singing and dancing men at weddings (Nicole Kidman), maybe gaybe apparently doesn’t turn them off like it does for us – see Clay Aiken. 4. The accent is hot. 5. Wolverine – his very own franchise. Way sexier superhero than Superman. Arguments against: 1. Although he’s had much box office success, his name has yet to reach the point where 9 out of every 10 people recognize it. YOU and I do, but we are smuthounds. The SMA has to be the “Common Man”. Is Hugh common enough? 2. Too clean. No scandals are good but it generally doesn’t hurt if there’s a hint of naughty. Like Johnny Depp, like George, like Richard Gere. Hugh’s record is spotless. Furthermore, and this has nothing to do with the Maybe Gaybe Flamboyance, my headboard wouldn’t be nervous if he came to visit…you know what I mean? 3. Will America accept a non-American selection? ESPECIALLY in times like these? 4. Could be too early. Wolverine is just going in to pre-production and the movie is almost guaranteed to be a blockbuster. Giving him the honour now is a bit premature, Hugh’s time has yet to come. Odds: 15 to 1 Am attaching my favourite photo of Hugh – with Jennifer Lopez. I know…it’s a LOUD PING. But I’m telling you – I hear he’s totally, totally straight. Also see attached from a gala he attended in Hollywood in October. Definitely quiver-worthy in a suit. Source

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