Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban went out for Valentine’s Day in LA last night -- dinner at The Eveleigh, what my friends in LA call “the Australian place”; it’s run by Aussies. I reviewed The Eveleigh last year. Click here for that article.

I like that they went there. It’s not your usual celebrity dining establishment. I wonder if they sat at one of the long benches though I doubt it. But I also don’t remember the place being conducive to stanchioning off a VIP section so the godmother of Rupert Murdoch’s children would likely have had to eat close to civilians.

I also like that she was the complete opposite of Mimi in her Valentine style. The reddist part of her outfit was her hair. And I like that she chose oxfords over a kitten heel.

As for Keith Urban -- are you watching him on American Idol? Here’s what I’ve learned about Keith Urban on American Idol. He really does seem like he knows music, and that he LOVES music. And that he knows the words to a lot of songs. And he gives good feedback. It’s just...the hair...