we are always seeing pictures of tom and his kids but haven"t seen any of pictures of them with nicole since last 04 Christmas, if i recall correctly, at a lakers game. is she just being extra camera shy about being photograhped with her kids or has tom gotten full custody of them on the dl? Dear Nisha, I can"t say for sure. And I"m loathe to go near this topic since getting the chinese sued out of me isn"t high on my list of priorities, especially since we just booked a trip to Europe. Anyway, the only thing I"ve heard recently related to the kids is that Nicole wanted them for the wedding and Tom wanted them to stay close for the birth, which could explain the Kidman/Urban postponement from March 11th to some time in June. However, there have been vicious rumours circulating for months about Nicole"s parenting skills, or lack thereof. Some people say that her priorities simply don"t revolve around her children and for all his queer, sanctimonious pontificating, Tom has apparently been much more hands on than his former wife. Still others say her contact with them was drastically reduced because of Keith, either because he didn"t want them around or because she didn’t want to remind him of her own perceived baggages. Regardless, I can"t confirm or deny any of the reports, except to say that most of the alleged explanations seem to put the onus on Nicole"s (un)willingness and not with Tom the control freak - as hard as that is to believe.