Nicole: the new photo op, the missing wife

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 26, 2006 12:00:00 October 26, 2006 12:00:00
Although everything you’re reading right now in the weeklies points to Nicole Kidman as a woman behind her man, my sources in Nashville are telling a very different story. Rumour has it, Nicole was allegedly not at his side when he when he entered rehab and according to local spies, has not been back since. She was seen in LA at the weekend, the first weekend he supposedly spent in treatment and has apparently stayed in LA through the week. Of course, physical presence or lack thereof does not always reflect spiritual encouragement – I’m sure sceptics will argue that she doesn’t necessarily have to BE there to really BE there, but still…given the dramatic description that’s been offered about her state of mind, *heartache, tears, agony*, you’d think maybe, just maybe, she’d take solace among his family and friends, the people who surround him in a network of support. Or not. But hey – it doesn’t hurt at all that the picture being painted is of Nicole the Victim yet again. And as you all know by now, the girl has a pose for every role she plays. Have a look, I’m told this was taken just recently of Nicole and her nephew – Antonia’s son looks just like her, non? – Nicole the doting aunt, Nicole the doting sister, Nicole seeking comfort from her family. Curious how the paps found her right at this moment, non? So…what’s next? Several theories abound right now, theories they remain because Nicole has yet to decide. Note: Nicole has yet to decide. The contract was not supposed to take this kind of turn, you see. I hear she’s regrouping, strategising, planning her next step, whether or not she can leverage Keith’s current state into something positive going forward after she bails, or whether or not it’s better to stick around, be the fighter, show solidarity, though I suspect that could change in the next week or two. As I’ve told you – there are more revelations that will take her by surprise. And for the naysayers out there…gloating ahead, be warned… allow me a moment to point out the past – a track record of exclusive gossip, if you will: - on February 13, 2006 I reported word from my sources that Keith was cheating even though he and Nicole were engaged, even though their first wedding date on March 11, (this date was confirmed by Us Weekly 10 days later and subsequently rescheduled due to Keith’s insecurities and pappy intrusion) was just a month away. Two weeks ago, the National Enquirer revealed that Keith had an affair with a stripper during an unofficial bachelor party in LA. - on March 12, 2006 , after the Oscars, I reported a juicy tip I had received that George Clooney was overheard congratulating Nicole on her upcoming (March 11) wedding when Nicole answered and said that things had been moved to June. The tabloids reported this weeks later, and of course Nicole and Keith were married in June. - on April 23, 2006 I reported that things were not going well for Keith in studio for his new album and that the quality of the music was decidedly lacking in comparison to past efforts. As we know now, the first song released on the CD – due out November 7th has not fared well by Keith’s standards and word is, the album is not “country”. The album is “wannabe Bono”, and many longtime fans have been turned off. - on May 16, 2006 and May 30, 2006 I reported on Keith and Nicole at the UNIFEM gala. Keith sulked while Nicole showed off her ring and did not appreciate being ignored while she had socialising to do. As such, he allegedly threw back glass after glass of vino and continued to enjoy distractions in “liquid form” when he returned to Nashville, away from her for a couple of weeks of enjoyment, even though the official word was that he was a clean living man. As we know Keith Urban was admitted to rehab last week for alcohol abuse. And finally… - on June 19, 2006 I reported on the upcoming wedding and the curious statements in all Australian papers leading up to the event, that Keith was celebrating his stag with family but would not be drinking because he had sworn off alcohol. Not so according to my sources then, and clearly not so up to last week. However, he does have support. Many people in Nashville are pulling for Keith, hoping for a comeback, hoping for a return to his roots. But many people in Nashville also think the best Keith is a Keith without Nicole. Sorry y’all…just telling you like I hear it. Will keep you posted…

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