Just because Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban don’t have the sinister Scientology soundtrack brainwashing them on their ipods, it doesn"t mean they are any less disingenuous than her ex and his child carrier. Not at all. As you know, the wedding was rescheduled from March to June with Nic blazing forward and Keith continuing to stall, one day committted, the next day full of doubt. It"s the classic battle y"all: fame and fortune vs. freedom to f&ck. What"s a redblooded horndog to do??? Well, for starters, how about a visit with his former flame? According to Nashville gossips, it was an intimate dinner, a lengthy discussion, fond memories all extended back to her place by the end of the evening. Where was Nicole, you ask? She was away, gossips. And while she was away, Keith and Niki Taylor were supposedly spotted together at a local restaurant very recently and later on, his black SUVwas parked on her driveway. Coincidence or conspiracy? I"m hearing that he still holds a torch for the one he cheated away. He misses her sense of humour, her down to earth style, and the way she let him do his own thing, as opposed to the Botox drill sergeant he"s currently contracted to marry. And given that he is still sleeping in the same bed he shared with Niki, it probably doesn"t help the inclination to compare and contrast either. Two Nicoles, one horndog, and a big wedding looming in the distance. So the question is - which way are you betting?