Nicole Kidman arrived in Vancouver late last week with her parents, a holiday in my part of the world, without the highlights, without the paid escort, super casual, and yes…as usual, pointing pappies in the general direction of her tummy, the same tummy we"ve been fixated on for the better part of 3 months, the same tummy we"ve been chronicling since early June, the same tummy that has yet to get bigger every time we see it, keeping the same level of curious puffy that raises the same level of intrigue about her pregnancy status. And yet she"s not a famewhore, right? Whatever. I have no idea whether or not she"s pregnant. I do know however that she wants us to keep wondering whether or not she is. So OK. Let"s humour her, shall we? In June she was sporting a bump. If she was knocked up back then, she"d definitely be way showing today. Obviously she wasn"t pregnant in June. In July she was sporting another bump. If she was knocked up back then, she"d definitely be way showing today. Obviously she wasn"t pregnant in July. So if she wasn"t pregnant in June and she wasn’t pregnant in July, could August be the charm? Or will we be wondering about the status of her womb in perpetuity? Still, I suppose if I were her, I"d probably be concerned about the integrity of her marriage - or at least the *appearance* of integrity - too. Man might not be straying - yet - but he is certainly getting tempted, as least if you believe the following exclusive report from an extra on the set of his new video shoot recently. Here"s what she had to say: I was cast as an extra body on his video shoot in San Francisco. It was a mini concert so I had to jump up and down and pretend to like country music. Anyway what got my attention was where his attention was. There was a girl standing to the side of the stage next to a lguy who looked like he should be working at Hot Topic. She had long brown hair in a ponytail with a baseball cap on and a white t-shirt and jeans and he kept looking over at her. Every time he"d finish a take, he"d take a swig of water and look over at her. So in between one shoot, she got up and hugged the guy and started walking back into the crowd (where I was). Urban reached down and grabbed his cell phone that was laying right to the outside of the stage area and what do you know? This girl suddenly answers her phone. She kept walking but they were both on their phones for only about 20 sec then they both hung up at the same time. Then the girl drove off in a black BMW. One of the directors asst came over and was talking to Urban but he kept looking over the guys shoulder, watching this car drive away. In the very next segment he screwed up the words and we had to stop the tape. So then after the shoot, he was thanking us all for being there and he stopped to shake my hand and thank me for my "enthusiastic participation", but his freeking eyes never looked above neck level. Another extra who I met that day said when she was leaning up against the front of the stage in between shoots, he bent down next to her and put his water bottle right there and said "Are we having fun yet, baby?" Maybe he"s just a friendly guy but I got kind of a wolfhound sleazy vibe from him, like he"d "accidentally" touch you if he had the chance. Hmmm…don’t know "bout you but it sounds like someone still wants to play. Now a retired player is one thing. Wayne Gretzky retired and didn"t come back. And then there"s the retired player equivalent of Michael Jordan who retires, plays another game, and then returns with a different number before putting on the old jersey again and givin" it another 3 years. So here"s the question gossips: is Keith Urban Wayne Gretzky? Or is Keith Urban Michael Jordan?