Check out these scans from an Australian magazine called New Idea – exclusive photos of Keith Urban at Betty Ford with a few other patients and enjoying some personal time with his wife. Quite intimate, non? In’it amazing the pappies were able to get so close? And still no recent photos of her with her children? I’m telling you gossips…wonders in Hollywood never cease. Further evidence of staging? You will note that ONLY Keith’s face is visible among the others at the treatment centre. Selective editorializing could be a factor, of course, but how opportune to find one great shot while everyone else is looking away, don’t you think? Not surprisingly, the article sings Nicole’s praises – how devoted she is to his recovery, how committed she was by flying far, far, far to be by his side during his ordeal. Standing By Her Man - the MiniVan Majority, along with the amateur gossip, is totally in love. Interesting little tidbit though – guess who works at New Idea Magazine? Well…none other than Antonia Kidman, her sister. Coincidence or conspiracy??? Oh and by the way? Who"s getting married this weekend? Thanks to Claude for the scans.