Just heard from my Nashville sources who are apparently less than thrilled that a small village of pappies has descended on their country community. Never mind the so called awards Keith"s been winning. According to the "real" fans, Urban is now the town"s most notorious sell out, and that ain"t going over very well. Southern hospitality dictates outward politesse but the folks are unimpressed with the obvious photo opportunities being generated by the Australian power couple of the moment, especially when they"re supposedly just going about their "day to day" routine. According to my spies, Keith had a special, state of the art "work out facility" installed in his home this May. With a bigshot consultant to help design it. The purpose for said facility was so that he could buff those Hoff-y loins in private, away from the prying and pervy eyes of his hardcore fans, the same ones who long for one of those famous and legendary "back of the bus" visits that he uses to show his appreciation. So given that he has such easy access to a gym set up chez lui, the Kidmans" visit to a public establishment that they had specially opened for their own use over the Independence day holiday is being regarded not only with suspicion but also with ridicule. The fact that photographers just happened to snap them leaving the place further adds to scripted and strategised vibe that surrounds this couple. But still…the new me is pro-love. And as I"ve been saying all week, I"m happy to play along. After all, great actors are such a rarity these days. And you have to admit, Nicole Kidman really is one of the best.