Written by Duana

Right. So, at the end of a very busy celeb news cycle Keith and Nicole dropped the information that apparently, on December 28th, they became parents via surrogate to Faith Margaret Urban.

I had a series of thoughts and I thought I’d try to harness them individually.

The first was that I really hope Keith and Nicole sent Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick a fruit basket or something, for paving the way to ‘gestational carrier’ (their phrase) being just like any other celeb assistant. Seriously SJP’s twins are 18 months old and suddenly having a child via surrogate is like “oh, by the way, no big deal?” Someone is owed a debt for that.

My second thought was that I’m actually totally surprised they wanted a second child. They seem pretty jet-setty, flying all over the place, and while Katie Holmes has a really cute accessory in her mini-me Suri and only half the time looks haggard and drawn due to the demands of parenting, with two, she’d look utterly wrecked all the time. Certainly ‘like a mom’. See also, Jennifer Garner. And I thought this might worry Nicole…

…but then I did the math on the birth of Faith Margaret, and I realized she’s a mere 20 days old, and that she must be incredibly well-behaved, secure, and advanced, since her parents, who love her desperately and were so blessed with the gift of her birth, felt able to head out to a long-assed, glitzy party. Sitting in the waiting-in-an-endless-lineup limo, walking the hour-long carpet, sitting in the theatre – they must have really been thinking about her the whole time…

…so then I didn’t worry about her so much anymore.


Photo from Wenn.com