As a typical Canadian, for the last 2 weeks, the only thing on tv is hockey. First round is always the most fun. Am particularly amused by how Sidney Crosby is trying to grow a moustache. Only Orlando Bloom has fewer whiskers.

Last night, Detroit at Nashville, Granny Freeze and Keith Urban were watching from a box… and at one point, across all feeds in Canada and the US, the camera panned over to Gran and Keith who were “caught” in an intimate moment.


Only amateurs fall for this sh*t.

Hate to tear down your illusions about how television works but camera work during a game is as choreographed as the commercials. In other words… completely.

They do it with players who are injured all the time. He’ll be watching from somewhere secret in the arena but about 10 minutes before the “reveal”, he’ll be brought up to the player’s box, or into the stands, and during the next stop in play, he’ll wave to the crowd, before being led away immediately afterwards.

Same goes for celebrities.

Game organisers are not people who want to piss off celebrities. Which is why oftentimes they’ll ask for permission first: Mr Kidman? Can we put you up on the screen in the second period, after the first whistle? It would be so great for Nashville and the team to show that you and your wife are supporting the Predators.

Particularly the Predators, a team under new ownership which the league is desperately trying to keep in the city.

The point is – Nicole and Keith would have known exactly when the cameras would be focusing on them. And they would not have forgotten either. So the fact that they were “cuddling” at that moment? Just more of the same calculated, precise media manipulation Nicole is consumed with.

Granny Freeze is a control freak.