Richard Gere, Sly Stallone…and the gerbil

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 12, 2006 12:00:00 December 12, 2006 12:00:00
You’ve heard the gerbil story, right? For years people believed it was legit. Like that Phil Collins song about someone drowning in a pool and then he invited the guy to his concert and made him feel like sh-t – you know that story? Well that story totally never happened. Hollywood urban legend, there was no drowning, there was no murderer, and there was no gerbil running around Richard’s ass because that’s the way he got off. I know. I’m disappointed too. Gere however was embarrassed. He fought it for years, it was the main source of speculation as to whether or not he is gay, whether or not his marriage to Cindy Crawford was a sham, resulting in their taking out a full page ad – was in it Variety? – proclaiming the authenticity of their relationship. No wonder he and Sly don’t get along. Because according to Sly, Richard thinks he started the rumour after an onset fight almost 30 years ago. Richard got thrown off the project, Sly got accused of telling people that foreplay for Richard meant a rat up his arse. Hee. On the subject of Stallone though…can we talk about Rocky 100? It feels like Rocky 100, right? And other than padding his bank account, other than wasting a lot of money - what is the purpose of the new Rocky? A 60 year old gets into the ring and probably wins? Maybe…just maybe if not for all that plastic surgery…just maybe the grit and determination and the heart and the Foreman inspiration would be believable. But that sh-t is pulled tighter than Nicole Kidman and still he persists and still he juices and still he’s primped and pulled and for why? Seriously – will you see Rocky Balboa over the holidays? With all the other movies coming out, will Rocky be the one you spend time on? Please. Source

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