Ironic, non? All that Freeze and she still ends up looking old. Perhaps older than she would have done if she had left that sh-t alone. But here’s Nic with her trainer keeping it slim and trim – she has a great ass doesn’t she? – if far from fresh and youthful. She’s younger thank Sandy Bullock, you know. Three years younger. Now think of the article I posted on Sandy yesterday, with the photos – and no, it’s not just genes y’all…it’s also obsessive vanity. Nicole…not Sandy. As for an update on her contract – with Keith out of rehab, many Nashville friends and supporters were expecting him to come back and mend some fences. But word is his efforts have been found wanting. Because although he’s booked a coveted musical spot on SNL this coming weekend and is scheduled to attend the Grammys with Nicole on his arm – apparently guaranteed a front row seat thanks to her maneuvers – rumour has it he bailed on a charity event this past weekend, even though he supposedly had nothing else booked, and while he ended up sending a massive cheque, that kind of gesture apparently doesn’t cut it in Nashville, resulting in further disappointment from the foundation of his fame, not to mention those who have already felt that he’s been deserting his roots for Freeze, fortune, and perhaps a return trip to the Oscars. Nicole could be up for presenter duties, with him tagging along as an accessory. As for what will go down on Sunday, one person I spoke to said – Lainey, if he wins a Grammy, it will be because she bought it for him and nothing else. Sting. And yes of course, he’ll be there too. Source