Fresh from a chemical peel no doubt, she does look remarkably……. Scrubbed…don’t you think? I don’t love the hair, nor do I love the office manager black slacks but I do love Nicole’s face, in spite of the injections and the Botox and Goddess knows whatever other treatments she’s subjected it to. Because in spite of the famewhoring, in spite of the marital play for attention, Nicole Kidman is a very beautiful, very elegant, very stylish woman. I just wish she’d quit her Fraud and her Freeze. So here she is in London at the Happy Feet premiere – she brought what looked to be her niece with her. Note her niece, not her own children, with whom she insists she lives in Nashville when the two are not living in LA with their father…or at least that’s what she told Vogue. Have you read the article? It’s a fascinating interview, she really is a fascinating woman, one of the best actors out there, Nicole can undeniably disappear into her roles, which is what she’s been doing these days…the woman behind the addict, the inspiring force behind the rehab, the glossy Oscar winner laying down her roots in Tennessee for the love of the man of her life. Like I said…it’s a great read. I particularly enjoyed the part when she complained about the pappies who’ve followed her all the way from Europe to Nashville – evil photographers disrupting the quiet, glare-free life of her new hometown. Funny thing is – no one else I’ve talked to in Nashville has complained about them…probably because they haven’t seen them. In fact, most people believe that the shots that actually come out from Nashville, allegedly taken by pappies, are actually taken by professionals she’s hired herself. Which is why, in spite of the fact that she says her kids live with her there, even though she says she’s constantly followed by photographers, that Isabella and Connor have never been pictured in the vicinity and, as I’ve written in the past, have only been spotted there once since Keith was hired a little over 18 months ago. Coincidence or conspiracy? But now that we’re asking the question…how much you wanna bet the children will suddenly turn up in Nashville ON CAMERA just to welcome their stepdad home from rehab for the holidays, especially if the Golden Globes turn out a nomination for Nicole’s Fur on December 14th? Stay tuned, will keep you posted. Source