Naomi Watts and Live Schreiber last night at a charity art auction. As you can see, her appearance this night was much less controversial than last time when many of you protested that she didn"t wear a bra at the Tom Ford store opening a couple of weeks ago. Still others argued afterwards that pregnancy is just more comfortable bra-less. And on and on it went.

Thankfully, no such drama here. Naomi glowing and lovely with a gorgeous pair of metallic shoes – pregnant AND trendy…

Love, love, love. Love her.

Which is also why it’s so confusing. Her friendship with The Freeze, or rather her farce of a friendship with The Freeze – that is whenever Nicole Kidman calls upon Naomi to resume the BFF duties – it’s a smutty dilemma.

Has that ever happened to you?

You meet someone. She/he is SO amazing. Funny and kind and witty and smart and compassionate and then you meet his/her… let’s call her/him Vladimir… then you meet Vlady’s best friend. Complete dick. Total bitch. Like the worst, worst, worst piece of sh-t EVER…unanimous.

And you say to yourself – how can that happen? And is that a reflection on Vlady? What does that say about Vlady? It’s like Nicole Richie, you know? Much as you want to, you can’t truly love her because she’s “friends” (however they define it) with Paris Hilton.

And so a similar conundrum with Naomi Watts and the excessive famewhoring Freeze, though the quandary may be no more if rumours are true: that Liev can’t stand Kidman and that Naomi has finally been able to wrest free.

Will keep you posted…