Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – marriage is, for all intents and purposes, a contract…is it not?

And so Nicole gets the gushing, the husband who calls her his “saviour”, a new image that she is the kind of woman who can transform a man.

New interview with the Sunday Telegraph in the UK, Keith digs deep, deep into Celine Dion territory and pulls out a classic… so cheesy I’m surprised he didn’t save it for one of his equally cheesy songs.

My favourite parts – Keith on Marriage: As far as being a married man, it is the best thing I have ever done. And it is not just about being married; to me, it is about being married to her, to that woman because she has just saved my life — absolutely saved it. Everything happens for a reason so the timing of that (rehab) was divinely inspired.

Rossuming yet?

Wait…there’s more…

On privacy: “Because Nic and I are so private, it tends to make people want to see what that privacy is really all about. If we were plastered in the magazines all the time and sort of got pictures willingly, it would wear off and probably people wouldn’t want them so much. The fact that we actually go out of our way to be a bit more elusive tends to exacerbate the situation but I would just rather have a more quiet life, like we do. It is relatively quiet compared to most, I think.”

Weird. Because I could have sworn I knew and you knew and the entire world knew when and where and how they were getting married a week BEFORE the wedding. I mean, EVERY detail…down to the venue, and her dress, and what the guests ate, and what the INVITATION LOOKED LIKE…even a COPY of the invitation printed in the local papers. And their honeymoon too. Oh and every time they go on vacay. And even pics from the Betty Ford Centre! In rehab! Yes. That IS private. Must be a new definition of privacy I’ve never heard of.

So now you know what she gets…but what about him? What does he get?

Major name recognition for starters, although word is he’s not happy about being referring to as “Nicole Kidman’s husband”. But still… his fame has reached a new level. And then there are the contacts. Contacts like Oscar winners, contacts like David Geffen (Dreamworks), Ron Meyer (Universal Studios), and Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy) – all out for lunch with Nicole (and Keith too!) the other day in LA. Friends in high places, savvy?

But enough smutty mongering. How can we talk of such things when Nicole Kidman just came out of a crypt?

No…seriously… there are no words.


Thanks to Allyson in Trini for the tip!