Nicole & Keith: the non news

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 16, 2006 12:00:00 May 16, 2006 12:00:00
She confirmed it to People Magazine. That they’re engaged. Darling, tell us something we don’t know. Like why you keep engineering your photo ops in public. Especially at UN events. And what exactly you were hissing into his ear throughout the course of the evening. Now THAT’s news. This fiancé thing??? Ummm…not so much. Heard from a couple of very reliable sources inside the UNIFEM gala the other night with a decidedly un-romantic account of the Kidmans on display for humanity. First – they arrived separately. Not a big surprise but interesting nonetheless because while she was doing her bit, the poor country bumpkin found himself alone with his highlights, and therefore allegedly had nothing to do but throw back glass after glass of vino. When Nicole completed her official duties, she joined him at their table at which point a photographer conveniently showed up to take pics. Ever the quick thinking player, Nic turned her diamond around so that it faced her palm (always a discussion provoker, non?) and grabbed Keith’s hand. I’m told she was keenly aware of where the snapper was at all times, so much so that at one point, when Keith was leaning in for a sip from his glass, she bent to his ear and whispered something that resulted in him leaving his wine untouched until she left to mingle and until the photographers had wrapped it up. And when that happened, they didn’t speak a word to each other until they left. According to my spies, Keith spent the rest of the night sulking, furtively imbibing as if wary of getting caught. And when he apparently couldn’t bear it any longer, he went to find his fiancée, said something to her privately, stood beside her looking like a bored teenager until she agreed to pack it in for the night and go home. Whether or not you believe this is entirely up to you. But I will say it came from 2 unrelated sources who, naturally, were watching like hawks all night long. Oh and one more thing – to those 2 regular haters who insist on emailing me with your panties in a Windsor knot every time I have something unfavourable to say about the Aussie couple with the mostest – save it. I’m not in the mood to hold your amateur gossip hands and walk you to the light. Go on believing these two don’t have an agenda. Go on believing the Gay Midget Dwarf isn’t the Gay Midget Dwarf. Go on believing David Gest really loved Liza Minelli. Sometimes, ignorance IS bliss. And who am I to get in the way of your delusions???

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