Is it just me? Or is Renee looking more and more like Nicole every day? The Freeze Face, the baby smooth, ultra shine forehead, the milky complexion, the WONDERFUL chest-protruding posture…sure there’s a 10 inch difference but still, the similarities are there, aren’t they? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just taking after my mother…she thinks all whiteys look the same, rather ignorant that way. Anyway, here’s Renee at Letterman last night looking fresh-faced and happy – posing like a fiend for the pappies, looking less sour than she has in a while, even showing some teeth on occasion without snapping off any skin … trust me, I’m as shocked as you are. Though nominated for a Golden Globe for Beatrix Potter, analysts say there’s good chance she’ll get pushed aside come Oscar thanks to the abundance of strong female leads this year. Now overlooking Renee for Cate or Kate or Helen or Judi or Toni is one thing…but overlooking Renee for Beyonce? Please. Warning you now…prepare for MAJOR c-level fury to be unleashed if B’s name is read on January 23rd, and not just from me. Source