Well isn’t this turning into a media relations blowjob of sorts? Nicole Kidman has handed out free beer, been photographed picking up her niece from school, and now visiting a children’s hospital with her son and daughter in tow – all during the same week as her wedding? Quite a page out of the Jolie Pitt book of publicity, don’t you think. But while Nic has controlled the ride through good will and good cheer, word from Nashville is that Keith is becoming painfully aware that he is but a little pawn in the big game. Never has this been more evident than during the festivities of this week as he has had to live behind the power of her star. Let’s face it. In the grand scheme of things, SHE is the true international force between the two, n’est-ce pas? As you would expect, permanent shadow existence isn’t sitting well with Manlights, especially since he’s been accustomed to Country supremacy and the incessant attention that affords. The engagement speculation was one thing, but the dawning realization that he will be forever Mr. Kidman is another matter entirely and as such, my sources report that he’s been phoning Nashville headquarters quite frequently, not openly articulating his regrets but almost wistful in his conversations, almost willing his confidantes on the other end to tell him to come “home.” But…a deal is a deal. And apparently he’s too weak to back out anyway. Which is why the man is losing fans by the hour. Stilll…it’ s not like he won’t have his perks. Remember, secret shags at the back of the bus are still allowed, not to mention hanging out at the Oscars every year, a mansion on every continent, every designer at your disposal – hell, if she’ll have me, I’d sign on the dotted line too. So to all you angry Urban fans who’ve been emailing me with disappointment…I understand your tragedy. But this kind of story almost always takes a bitter turn. Keith will need you when that happens. Do the man a favour and stay in his corner. After all, what’s more country than a country comeback?