It was pissing rain this morning. I left my house in jeans and a hoodie not expecting to have to look decent. Greasy stinky hair in a Britney top knot, comfy but not exactly style-rockin’ Merrell mocs, and then of course I get the call to interview Lola for an eTalk exclusive report that aired tonight. First of all, she’s 5 ft 9 and very chic, with that je ne sais quoi Euro kind of vibe. Big brown eyes, long hair, full lips…she is a model, ok? I’m sure you get the picture. Needless to say – because looks ARE everything goddammit! – I wasn’t exactly riding high on Confidence Mountain with my vertically challenged Asian body standing next to her catwalk physique. At least my french mani was still fresh. But I digress. We went to Starbucks. She is polite and soft spoken, a sexy Milla-ish accent and an even better vocabulary. We talk about why she has been so eager to come forward and share her story. Simply put, the News of the World article was pretty humiliating. Humiliating because she says it was all lies but also because the story described someone who would openly disclose such intimate details about her friends to a ghetto level rag. And since Lola has been written about beyond her control, she at least wants to set the record straight on a few simple personal details that the News of the World couldn’t manage to get right. For instance, she is 24 – not 21. She was born in Italy, raised in Germany, and is now based in NYC. She was contacted by News of the World two weeks ago under false pretenses and when she found out, she refused to divulge any information about Hayden, their relationship, or Sienna Miller. Apparently undeterred, the reporter went ahead with her story anyway with the headline “Sienna Stole My Man.” As mentioned in my last column, Lola harbours no ill will towards Sienna or Hayden and she has released another statement today underscoring the following: "Sienna happens to be a tabloid target. Tabloids want the dish, not the good. I noticed she is being bashed in almost every article and I just find it sad that tabloids found a way to pull other people into this to get their dirt. It"s unfair to her, to me and to everyone else involved and mentioned. I respect her as an artist, fashion icon and person and have no reason to think of her in any negative way." Her opinion…not mine. Y’all already know what I think of Sienna’s peculiar brand of skank. But this is about Lola. As for the nature of her relationship with Hayden – she denies any romantic involvement. When I pressed her about the Barbados beach shots, all she would say is that photos can sometimes be misleading because you don’t see what happened the moments before and the moments immediately after. She also pointed out that there are actually no pics of the two of them kissing, unlike other ones that surfaced last summer when he was caught making out with some blonde in Italy during the filming of The Decameron. Unfortunately for the smuthound in me and probably in all of you, Lola did not want to go into more detail, unwilling to comment any further on the personal life of a public figure who is also a good friend. I’m telling you – I tried! What she will talk about is her work with the United Nations as a German and Croatian interpreter. Which is why she admires Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of one in a movie last year. (We had a difference of opinion on that one too). She does not crave the spotlight, she did not want to do an on camera or on the phone interview and she has no intention of becoming a celebrity. Her favourite movies are Kill Bill and The Hours, she loves Billy Idol and Radiohead, Meryl Streep is her favourite actress, and she adores Miss Sixty. You’ll note that I tried to squeeze out info about Hayden’s maybe gayness and about the rumoured Sienna pregnancy to no avail. She was private to the very end. And in spite of that, I still liked her. I also told her to tell Hayden I said “hi” and that I thought he was fantastic in Shattered Glass. Hopefully he’ll give me a call one day. And maybe then I can talk him into hooking up with Natalie Portman, fulfilling the wishes of Star Wars fans the world over. One has to have a dream, non?