First a wedding album…now a honeymoon album??? Wow. Can you get enough? Here are Nicole and Keith on hols at their ultra private resort in Tahiti. Gotta admire those plucky pappies for being able to get in so close. Then again, they knew exactly where to go, oui? I wonder when Suri Cruise is going to show up and crash this party. Because the way Nicole is owning the gossip landscape these days, on the heels of the arrival of The Chosen One, the GMD has been pushed to the outer limits of celebrity relevance, and you have to think it"s not sitting well with Hollywood"s craziest megalomaniac, non? Speaking of The Chosen One - much love to MK at Dlisted for writing the funniest thing I"ve read all week. He is brilliant always but today, I nearly spit up my Chinese. Hip hop maven Foxy Brown has been deaf for a year now but has recently regained her hearing. According to MK: "Foxy was visited by Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt in the middle of the night and the child touched her ears and gave Foxy the gift of hearing back. Foxy is grateful and will now release an all Christian album this Christmas." And that, gossips, is what you call the midas touch.