Are you as astonished as I am that their honeymoon arrival has been captured on camera? Here are the newly contracted Kidmans touching down in Tahiti today to celebrate their first days of marriage. So nice to be able to dash around by private jet all the time, non? As mentioned in Ted Casablanca"s most recent column everyone from here to Bora Bora is now on bump watch, eager to see if Nicole and Keith can produce an immediate baby that will result in yet another media frenzy 9 months from now. Allow me a moment of gloat for second, will you? Because Ted also reported today on the status of Keith"s musical endeavours, that he "was missing out on the rehearsal time...a bit stalled... in the creative department; and was very surprised when Nic announced to the press they were going to make it legal." Hmmm…sound familiar? Here"s what I wrote on May 30th, almost a month ago. Now since Ted is King and Ted says it"s true, does that mean you believe me now? Anyway, Ted is speculating that Keith"s recent "enthusiasm" to get hitched has a lot to do with populating Nic"s womb and that even though her people are denying the imminent arrival of an Australian prince or princess, we could very well expect an official announcement before the end of the summer. Me? I have no idea. I do know however that I would like nothing better than to see Nicole thaw out for a baby. Some pregnancy curves and a beautiful hormonal glow would do wonders for her appearance, not to mention her career. I suspect she"s tired of being regarded as an ice princess, you know? Nothing like popping out a bundle of joy to endear yourself to mothers everywhere. And as we"ve all seen in the last couple of weeks, Ms Kidman is nothing if not a shrewd media manipulatress.