I reported 10 days ago that Keith Urban had been secretly released from rehab, somewhere around Nashville. I’ve also been reporting that Nicole Kidman, contrary to her “stand by your man” image, hasn’t exactly been there for her mate, preferring instead to spend time in LA while her spouse supposedly dries out. Lo and behold, on the day his album came out last week, the tabloids “confirm” that he’s been at the Betty Ford clinic and a “candid” photo is taken of the two on what looks to be an ordinary trip for groceries. Hmmm…oh really??? Fresh and exclusive from Nashville – my sources say Keith was indeed in Nashville before the CMA’s on Monday, November 6 and had an appointment with his throat doctor at an ENT clinic IN NASHVILLE. He was then moved to California to combat gossip that Nicole had not been supportive and coincidentally, a photographer – possibly on her payroll? - was able to snap the grainy pics attached. It is also widely believed that while in Cali, only 5 miles from her own children, Nicole did not visit them once, despite saying in a recent interview with The Advocate that she lives with Keith and her children in Nashville which, according to locals, is totally untrue, considering they’ve only seen them once in the 18 months they’ve officially been together…just one of several contradictions in the article that really underscore the fraud of Nicole – still one of my favourites, mind you, given her considerable talents but a cunning player all the same. And that’s the thing about Tom & Nicole. Because if you believe that the GMD is the GMD – and most of you certainly do – then it naturally follows that Nic was in on it as well. And if she did play contracted wife to the hidden homo for almost 10 years, what business does she have talking to the advocate about gay rights and gay pride? Please. There are times when you can choose one or the other. You can love Brad and Angie and Jen. Or you can hate Brad, hate Angie, and love Jen. Or hate Jen and love Brad and Angie. Or love the girls and hate the boy. Any combination makes sense, any preference can be argued. But when it comes to Tom and Nicole, manipulation vs manipulation – both come out on one side. And if you think it was a fake baby or Chris Klein’s baby or Josh Hartnett’s baby, if you think Katie is a pawn, if you think Tom loves Tom and not Tammy, then how can you possibly believe that Nicole Kidman is a sweet, kind, altruistic, regular girl with no ulterior motives? Nicole Kidman spent a decade with the best. Since hooking up with Keith Urban she’s been in the news nearly every week – now reinventing herself as a new June Carter for the ages. You still think it was all by accident? Thanks to Claudia for the photo.