Katie Mothers Isabella

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 12, 2006 12:00:00 December 12, 2006 12:00:00
Nicole Kidman insists time and again that her children live with her in Nashville. But although we’ve been treated to photos of her and Keith at the gym, at the coffee shop, at Target of all places, and even those conveniently timed, conveniently placed idyllic images of them at Betty Ford, we’ve yet to see pictures of her with her children at her new “hometown”. Coincidence or conspiracy? Memo to Nicole – time to arrange a new shoot with your paid photographer. Holiday time with the kids, you might as well throw Keith’s conspicuously UNpresent mother in there while you’re at it. Because people are starting to talk. And people are starting to think that when it comes to mothering, Katie Holmes, in spite of being barely able to walk for herself, let alone think for herself, might be a better female role model to your daughter. Have a look. Katie playing Posh with Isabella, on a shoe shopping excursion. Also probably pre-planned, also with strategy in mind, and yet every Saturday, almost week in week out, instead of getting needles stuck in her forehead or having dinner with Rupert Murdoch, Katie is on the pitch, watching teen girl soccer with more enthusiasm than any starving actress waitress desperate for a walk-on part. You might have your scientological theories, theories of parental cockblocking on the part of the GMD, about limiting Nicole’s involvement, about controlling his family the way the Church expects, but the way I see it, and you know I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, at the very least he’s THERE. And if you insist on believing the sinister set up, if you insist on blaming him for her absence, don’t forget – she also took the payoff, a major divorce cheque making her an extremely wealthy woman, wealthy enough to buy a new husband and his career. Nicole played along for the ride, she didn’t fight that bloody alien every step of the way, she’s made countless movies since gaining freedom, and she’s taken her children to a handful of sporting events and one excursion to the mall. Choice…or blackmail? Just asking… X17

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