At the gym, walking in the park, typical newlyweds surrounded by photographers. Like I said the other day - I’m playing along with the show and I"m enjoying the ride. Take a look at Nicole and Keith out and about with an "is it or isn"t it" bump. In her workoutwear there certainly doesn"t appear to be anything of note but in her fleshcoloured (and poorly chosen) dress, there does seem to be a waist-free fetus zone. You"ll recall however that last week on the beach, her abs were ripped. So what"s going on here? Does she have a bloating problem or did she hire Katie Holmes" shoddy prosthetic manufacturer? Ironic, isn"t it? Because while I’ve always maintained that I don"t think Kate Cruise faked her pregnancy, I totally wouldn"t put it past Nicole Kidman to actually be able to pull it off. Photos from JustJared