So Keith performed in Sarnia, Ontario last week and brought along his wife. And according to many of you who’ve written in with the published and unpublished details, there was arguably more excitement about HER presence than there was about his. Apparently the crowd even began calling for her at one point in the concert, which would mean that, contrary to the Cruise debacle, some contracts actually DO pay off. Still…before you go thinking a star of Nicole’s stature would slum it with the good folks of Sarnia, please note that according to the band that opened for Keith, simply looking at the trailer where she was supposedly holding court was strictly off limits…as was engaging Keith in conversation – not even to offer thanks and professional admiration. Whatever happened to good ol’ Southern hospitality? And from Sarnia all the way back to Nashville, my sources report that Keith’s tourmates cannot wait until the Freeze gets off the bus – literally! Word is, the chemistry is different, the relationship is awkward, and the fellas miss the good ol’ days…when Urban didn’t have a wife to answer to. Some believe that things will completely go back to normal once she leaves, some think he’s changed forever, and still others are rumoured to be working on a devilish little scheme to find out definitively. Right now it’s just a rumour, but I’m hearing that certain staffers have concocted a deplorable yet smuttily delicious set-up of sorts: an experiment to see how contractually committed Keith really is or to test how this alleged business transaction really works. The plan is to be put in motion as soon as Nicole heads back to work, a little Country Odysseus and the Sirens, if you will. Don’t you just love how Greek mythology is applicable in every situation??? Now if this is true - will Keith re-0pen the back 0’ the bus? Or has Nicole bound him to the mast of their marriage ship for the duration of their press friendly honeymoon summer? Promise I’ll keep you posted.