Trespass is a movie directed by Joel Schumacher starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman. It will be released (straight) to DVD next Tuesday November 1.

As we know, Cage needs the money. So he kinda has to say yes to whatever’s out there. Nicole Kidman, she’s not poor. This was not a money grab. This was a calculated move that misfired. An attempt, initially, to make something that was box office attractive. I’m sure you’ve heard about her box office troubles. Choosing to do Trespass then was a popularity decision. And a poor one at that. Spectacularly bad.

It might be why Nicole is keeping such a low profile lately, hoping for Trespass to go away quickly, so that when she does emerge, she doesn’t have to have to be associated with it. On November 9th though, just over a week after DVD comes out, she’ll likely be at her husband’s side at the CMA Awards where he is hoping to win Entertainer of the Year and I hear he wants it BAD, though Taylor Swift is heavily favoured.

Interestingly enough, Nicole’s just added a new feature on her official website. Yes, she has an official website. Click here to see. Unfortunately she probably won’t answer if you ask her questions about Rupert Murdoch. But she will answer questions about her movies. Every month, she’ll be profiling one of her films. This month it’s Cold Mountain. Will there ever be a month when it’s Trespass?

Big movie stars make sh-tty movies all the time. Nicole is, quite clearly, not the only celebrity of her standing guilty of it. I get that. With Nicole though, it goes back that congruity question again. There’s the prioritisation of “art” and how its value determines how she spends her time (daughters, husband, etc) juxtaposed with the choice to get silly with Adam Sandler and downright ridiculous with Nicolas Cage. There are the claims of a spiritual approach to living and the search for a more profound existence, an acceptance of the self, and then you look at her face and you wonder how those words could come out of those three lips and why someone so young looks like a frozen grandmother. This is why Nicole Kidman is particularly hard to swallow. Is it a lack of self awareness? Poor management? A combination of vanity and arrogance? How could someone be so oblivious to how obvious her bullsh-t is to everyone else?